Life Lessons

Do you have a daughter at least three years old and want to immerse her in a life changing environment? Are you tired of outside influences trying to lower the bar on her dreams? Do you believe that character is something that is built and not simply taught?

We at Kristall Gymnastics offer the environment you want your daughter in. From the moment your daughter enters the program, she will be part of a unit. She will learn the importance of teamwork, determination to succeed, and character traits that will follow her through her life.

We don’t just teach rhythmic gymnastics at our program, we build character. When used to the proper effect, athletics can be the most powerful tool in a child’s life. Not only will your daughter learn to compete, she will learn the importance of putting others first.

She will have a blast while learning priceless life lessons.


Lena Savich

Hello. My name is Lena, and I’m a rhythmic gymnastics coach and founder of Kristall Gymnastics Studio.  I’m from Belarus originally.  My parents introduced me to rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 6, and I finished my career as a member of the national junior team.  In 1999 I got my last gold medal at the national competition and due to injury couldn’t compete any longer. In 2007 I returned to gymnastics as a coach of Belarus team of aesthetic gymnastics. My team was very successful and got a lot of medals at several international competitions.  In December 2012 I moved to California and six months later opened my school .  The kids from my school were competing in the strongest California competitions. Multiple times my athletes were in the top three places in different categories.  I’m very excited about the opportunity to build the robust and successful rhythmic gymnastics school in Colorado.